Raw Video : Ship Crashes Into Land

Navigating a ship is tough especially when you don’t have the right knowledge and experience.

Here’s a raw video of a ship crashing into land with speed.

It seems the ship lost control or some of its machinery broke down, which eventually lead to the crash.


We do not know what exactly happened here! But if you have more information, please let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

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  1. This happened in Storfjorden in Norway, close to the village Valldal. It is an Icelandic vessel transporting sand. The local newspapers say that the skipper fell asleep, but nothing has been proven yet. Only the bulb was damaged. The vessel cut some anchoring to a fish farm, but luckily did not hit any of the nets so no fish escaped. The guys on the video are fish farm employees.

  2. The ship you see in the video is the hopper Skansanes:

    I could not find a English language article with reference to the name or with the video, but this Norwegian article:
    from one of our national media channels say that it took place in Storfjorden (same as in the odin.tc flash message), and it says that the police suspect the captain to have fallen asleep. In this local newspaper, they show pictures of the bulbous bow after the incident:

  3. The idiot reversed after to pull away. Bad move especially because he didn’t check to see if the ship was breached. Idiot.

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