Raw Video: Ship Caught in Storm, Extreme Listing

When a ship has to fight the forces of nature, there’s nothing much a seafarer can do apart from keeping a strong heart and handling the ship to the best of his capabilities.

Here’s a video of one such ship (bulk carrier) which was caught in a storm near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (according to the description provided with the video).

ship in storm

The video shows the vessel listing more than 30 degrees as it battles the waves to maintain a steady course. At one point, the waves almost covers the 160 meters ship, splashing the water all over the deck.

How many times have you experienced such bad weather at sea? Let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy

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  1. Almost every year that kind of experience I have . Bcoz we r sailing in Middle East to South Africa . Really worst weather there but that time we realise our selves that we r born as sailor

  2. North Atlantic winter time more than once even a time that the waves where faster than the ship still gives scary feelings

  3. During my 23 years in the USN and 4 ships and 5 deployment I have been through many rough sea incidents. Some were at 35 with plenty of white water over the bow. Had to use the seatbelts to stay in the chairs. Definitly difficult to eat with the tray sliding around. Putting your boots under the edge of the mattress so as to not roll out of your rack. After a few days of rocking and rolling it got old.

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