Raw Video: Ship Almost Tips Over During Launch

A ship almost tips over during the launching ceremony before uprighting itself. According to the description provided with the video, the incident took place at the Damen Shipyard in Romania.

Though a little bit of movement is normal during such side launching of ships, this specific video features a ship which almost tilts fully on one side and then uprights itself. We wonder if this is a normal thing or not!

ship launch

NOTE: Marine Insight has not verified this story and does not vouch for its accuracy.

Do you have more information on the video? Do you know if such movement is normal or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is totally normal. The drastic roll has much to do with the slope of the launch and the speed of which the ship is lowered into the water.

    Wider (both above and below the waterline) roll less when launched, however produce a spectacular wash. Narrow ships such as this one, roll dramatically but the wash emitted tends to be minimal; simply a bi-product of displacement and hull shape.

  2. This very nice roll!!!!!! the depth of the watter is very low and it hits the bottom in that area.i was there at some other launches…

  3. Yeah on this occasion in Galati is very normal due to the shortage of the ramp where as the vessel was placed it happen that the vessel get a push so called to ,drop> her in the water.
    If looking to similar launches in the north of Holland it happen the same and sometimes even more!!

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