Raw Video : Cement Carrier Ship Crushing Boats in Marina

A cement carrier ship  ‘Cyprus Cement’ collided with several boats in Levanger marina in Norway, on July 6.

Three boats sunk while others were badly damaged after the crash.

According to the reports, the accident occurred due to a faulty propeller that caused maneuverability problems.

Cement Carrier Crushing Boats
Cement Carrier Crushing Boats

While some online sources said 10-15 people were injured, a Norwegian Source – NRK said no one was injured in the accident.

Raw Video

Source : NRK 

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  1. Stop main engine, the ship wasn’t carrying much speed to the damage would have been limited. There was a tug attached to the starboard side ……. didnt think to use that for close quarter maneuvering ?? Even if it was a prop fault there was is ways to deal with that situation ……… prop was still turning even at the height of the damage, remove that man from the bridge….

  2. What idiot was at the helm of that ship. He should have stopped engine and had the tug pull him away from the marina, instead he throttles it and attempts to turn to starboard, resulting in the stern wiping out another 5 boats that shouldn’t even have been damaged

    Who ever is in that bridge deserves to lose his ticket

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