Orsted Collaborates With DSV To Introduce Electric Weightlifting Drones

Orsted, a multinational energy company, is leading the way in using drones to improve maintenance operations at its offshore wind farms in collaboration with DSV Global Transport and Logistics.

They have been continuously conducting trials of cargo delivery via drone from the Port of Grenaa to the wind turbines in Denmark.

Video Credit: Orsted/Twitter

These two-week test flights will assess the potential ability to use cargo weight-lifting drones as a logistics supplement for offshore wind farms.

The electric drone used in these tests has a 100-kilometer range and a payload capacity of 2.5 kg.

Orsted and DSV aim to reduce wind turbine downtime while increasing renewable energy production.

RigiTech, a Swiss drone supplier, and Holo, a Danish operator, are supporting these drone test flights.

Another first, Orsted’s UK-based operation has effectively utilised “autonomous giant drones” to transport cargo to offshore wind turbines.

As wind farms move further offshore, Orsted demonstrated a massive drone capable of carrying up to 68 kg of material.

Orsted is looking for partnerships with service providers and drone cargo operations to expand its supply chain and improve transportation.

The organisation claims that using these electric drones not only improves efficiency and lowers costs but also improves human safety by eliminating the need for multiple ship trips.

References- Transport and Logistics

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