Shocking: Video of Sinking Bangladesh Ferry

A Bangladesh ferry MV Pinak-6 with a capacity to carry 85 passengers, recently went over and sank in the Padma river about 30 km (18 miles) southwest of the capital, Dhaka.

As of now 120 passengers are still missing.

Video of the shocking and sad accident was taken by someone from a nearby vessel, probably with a mobile phone.

Watch the video below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy. The article is intended only for education purpose and Marine Insight does not support/propagate activity or views shown in the video.

Do you have more information on the incident? Let’s know.


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  1. How is it possible for so many people to have gone missing when the video was taken from a ship so close to the ferry?

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