MAYA Container Ship Capsized At A Pier In Japan

A container ship named MAYA capsized and reportedly rested on the bottom portside along the berth at Shunan Port, Honshu, at about 1200 LT on July 31. The ship lost its stability while loading containers at the Tokuyama Shimomatsu Port. It eventually capsized. About 100 containers went overboard and kept drifting around Tokuyama Bay waters and around the port area.

The ship’s AIS was switched off since the capsizing. Three crew members on board were able to escape and one was taken to a hospital. However, the condition was not life-threatening. Nearly 40 liters of fuel have leaked. Operations are underway to recover floating containers that contain fuel stains.

Video Credit: 日テレNEWS / YouTube

References: FleetMon

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