Raw Video: Lifting Huge Anchor Fails, Crew Narrowly Escapes Major Accident

There are several dangers attached to operations on board ships, especially while lifting heavy loads.

Inability to take safety precautions can lead to major accidents, including death.

Here’s one such accident wherein the crane lifting a huge anchor suddenly fails, which brings the anchor crashing down on the deck where the crew has been standing.

Fortunately, they quickly move away from the landing area, escaping an ugly accident which could have turned fatal if they wouldn’t have been swift enough.

Watch the video below. Let’s know your thoughts in the comments below.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy. The article is intended only for education purpose and Marine Insight does not support/propagate activity or views shown in the video

Do you have more information on the incident? Let’s know.

Reference: crewing

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  1. The rope was the cause for the failure, before lifting they didn’t check visually for the hidden damage of the rope. They relayed on capacity.

  2. Nice comment: Hidden, Vissual. If something is Hidden, then mostly NOT vissible. No Use to go and look for hidden damage. You will Never find that. That why it is Hidden !!!!!

  3. Where is the tag line.
    They should use the tag line to control any lifting activity.
    And, is there any colour code at the lifting arrangements ?
    I don’t think so, that is a simple think result to big incident.

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