Indian Navy’s Varunastra Torpedo Hits Underwater Target With Precision

An indigenously developed heavyweight torpedo hit its underwater target in one of the latest tests conducted by India’s Navy. A video of the test was published on Twitter.

The video reflects the torpedo striking its target below the water resulting in a major splash in the sea.

The successful engagement of an Underwater Target by a Heavy Weight Torpedo indigenously developed is a major milestone in the country’s Navy and DRDO India’s quest for optimum delivery of ordnance on target in the underwater domain, Indian Navy’s spokesperson tweeted.

The anti-submarine heavyweight torpedo dubbed the Varunastra was inducted into India’s Navy in 2016. It has been developed by the DRDO’s Naval Science and Technological Laboratory for the Navy.

Per the DRDO, the torpedo is electrically propelled and can target submarines in shallow waters and a powerful countermeasures environment.

The weight of the torpedo is about 1.25 tons, and it can carry about 250 kg of explosives when travelling at about 40 nm per hour.

In 2022, the Indian Navy hit its low-flying target with a surface-to-air (SAM) system from one of the frigates in Indian waters. In a video published by the Navy, a missile emerges from the silo and takes its position. On launching, the missile heads toward its target, and a blast occurs above the waters, meaning that the missile hits the low-flying object.

References: Hindustan Times, NDTV, Times Of India

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