Video: Launch of Eimskip’s New Container Vessel

The first of two new container vessels of Eimskip was launched in Weihai in China last Sunday. The launching went well and it’s expected that the vessel will be delivered in the beginning of January 2014, and that she will call her home port in Iceland the second quarter 2014.

The second vessel is expected to be delivered in second quarter 2014.

The vessels are sister-ships, designed and built based upon a German design and adjusted to meet Eimskip’s requirements. Each vessel’s size is 875 TEU, thereof containing 230 reefer plugs . Deadweight of  the vessels are approximately 12 thousand tons. They  are 140.7 meters long and 23.2 meters wide and equipped with two container cranes  and therefore well suited for transport in Eimskip’s market area in the North Atlantic. The vessels are each powered by 9,000 kW machine and with both bow and stern thrusters.


Gylfi Sigfússon: “A part of Eimskip structure has been to strengthen our transport system in the North Atlantic.  Last spring the company introduced numerous innovations such as coastal sailing around Iceland, new ports in Faroe Islands, connection into Scotland and Poland with more frequency and shorter transit to Portland in Maine U.S.”

Video of new Eimskip vessel launch to sea in Weihai China:

Reference: eimskip

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