Cruise Guests Spent New Year Stranded After Four Ports Rejected Their Vessel Due To ‘Marine Growth’ On The Hull

Passengers have reportedly hit out at Viking Cruises after they had been stranded on New Year’s Eve off the coast of Australia, resulting from “marine growth” on one of its vessels that departed the ports refusing access.

Since setting sail on Boxing Day, the ship received a rejection from four major ports, including Dunedin, Christchurch, and Hobart, owing to the growth, per the Australian Associated Press.

The vessel had accumulated algae, microorganisms, plants, small animals or biofuel, on the exterior, per Australia’s National Maritime Coordination Centre, which ordered these to be discarded before it was permitted into the waters of Australia, per the report.

Video Credits: Sky News Australia

The ship headed to Adelaide to clean the hull and is expected to arrive in Melbourne on Monday.

A passenger on the cruise mentioned on Twitter that individuals were “livid” and added that it had been a horrible trip due to spending one whole day sitting at the sea where two boats were cleaning up the ship’s hull.

Another passenger posted on Twitter that it was a “trip from hell.”

Viking mentioned in its statement that the small amount of “standard marine growth” was being discarded on Sunday and that it had been working with guests directly on compensation.

Marko Snajdar, the ship’s captain, reportedly apologized to its guests and said that the firm would get in touch with them with a special compensation offer.

References: Business Insider, Wion News

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