Watch: Chief Cook Ronaldo Gomez – Making Food That Fuels Seafarers

Ronaldo has spent more than half of his life at sea cooking for his mates, which he also calls his family.

“My job is to care and protect the health of the people” says Chief Cook Ronaldo Gomez. With 21 years in Teekay, he has spent more than half of his life at sea preparing food for his mates.

Ronaldo’s passion for cooking started when he was very young. While his family was farming and bringing food home, he was in charge of the kitchen learning all the recipes from his grandmother.

Over the years Ronaldo has learned to adapt his flavors to all different nationalities. With a fleet of more than 5,000 seafarers at Teekay, this can be quite the challenge – but not for Ronaldo. “When I come onboard and I meet the crew, I learn what they want, what they like. Every day I create a custom menu for the crew and the officers.”

Ronaldo takes the time to learn what people like to eat and ensures no food goes to waste. “I need to write it down so I remember for the next order. I don’t order the food people won’t eat.” Every time the ships arrive into a port, Ronaldo sends a list of ingredients and products he needs to make fresh and healthy meals.

Ronaldo has developed such a close relationship with most people at sea that in fact, every time he goes onboard a new vessel, he knows at least one or two people from previous trips. “After 6 years being on ships, I had somebody I know, some friends, some officers that I had sailed with before.”

Chief Cook Ronaldo shows his passion for food and the sea through every plate he serves. His food fuels the men and women who work tirelessly to bring energy to the world.

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Reference: Teekay Corporation – Youtube

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