Watch: 9 Crew Members Evacuated After Cargo Ship Sinks Off Taiwan

The crew of a Taiwanese cargo ship had to be rescued after the ship developed a list and sank in the Taiwanese Strait on Wednesday, October 3.

As per the Taiwanese Coast Guard, the ship Ying Hai found itself in trouble a day earlier after some of its cargo shifted which caused the ship to list by around 15 degrees in heavy weather

Worried about the ship overturning, the crew sought assistance from local authorities, and a patrol boat was dispatched. After attempts to tow the vessel failed, the crew had to abandon the ship, leaving it adrift. Nine crew members were rescued.

The ship, which was carrying containers, was on its way from Kaohsiung city to Busan Korea when it sank near the Penghu archipelago

Ships currently in the area have been urged to remain on the alert for potential floating containers which could impair navigation safety.

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