5 Ship Collision Accidents Caught On Cam

Collisions of ships is a scary and unfortunate event which no one wants to encounter at sea. However, accidents do take place as a result of human error or other unforeseen circumstances.

Several ship accidents have taken place at sea or port, of which, some have been captured on camera by passengers, crew members from other ships or by people working on ports.

Checkout five such ship collision accidents caught on cam below.

1. A 57,000-tonne bulk carrier “Beks Halil” steaming out of Singapore collides with a smaller bulk carrier while passing the Strait of Singapore. The incident was caught on tape by crew members from another nearby ship. The incident took place sometime in 2013.

2. In Santa Marta, Colombia a Bulk carrier hits a moored container vessel while berthing. The bulk carrier’s bow also hit a pilot boat which was tied up to the pier, which caused enough damage to sink it.

3. A ferry while leaving a port crashes with another ship resulting in total destruction of one of its lifeboat, which almost breaks into pieces before falling in the water.

4. A ship at high speed collides with another vessel. The ship’s horn can be heard loud in the video, however, it seems the vessel with speed must have lost control which lead to such situation.

NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify these videos and cannot vouch for their accuracy. The article is intended only for education purpose and Marine Insight does not support/propagate activity or views shown in the videos.

Do you have more information on the incident? Let’s know.

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