Yoshida: The Largest Crane Ship in the World

A Japanese innovation, the Yoshida is a sheerleg, a type of crane ships with a marked difference in its hoisting capacity and overall manoeuvring with respect to the vessel’s position.

This floating crane is regarded as the biggest crane vessel in the world, following the likes of Kaisho, another Japanese sheerleg.

The big crane has a hoisting capacity of 3,700 tonnes and is operated by the

Credits: binmei jp/YouTube
Credits: binmei jp/YouTube

conglomerate. It has four crane hooks – each with an individual hoisting capacity of over 900 tonnes – and a 10 metre length of the boom.

The largest crane vessel has been utilised in a variety of operations suiting a sheerleg. Salvaging and constructional operations along with cargo lading and unloading are some of the areas where sheerlegs are utilised in the marine industry.

Sheerlegs have been in vogue for many decades now. But considering the extent of development in the maritime sector, even the need and the requirement for advanced floating crane have increased tremendously making crane vessels like the Yoshida extremely popular.

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