USS New York: The World’s Largest Amphibious Transport Dock

A towering constructional magnificence that contains 15,000 pounds of steel salvaged from Ground Zero, New York, the USS New York is the world’s largest amphibious transport dock to have ever been built.

The naval ship’s constructional commissioning in the year 2002 was to primarily honour the sacrifice and the bravery of the people who lost their lives in the Twin Tower attacks on 9/11, just as the name of the vessel – USS New York – immortalised the significance of their sacrifice to the city and to the entire nation.

The amphibious transport dock ships form an integral component of the US navy. Alongside being utilised for the deployment of war personnel to the necessary war fronts, these vessels are also equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and several hi-tech vehicular and aircraft conveyances which can be deployed alongside the military personnel to serve and fulfil its operational obligations and responsibilities.

USS New York
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The addition of these facets in the naval ship variance thus accounts for the vessel’s formidability, on an all-round basis. Prior to the USS New York battleship, four other US naval vessels were assigned the name ‘New York’, with the first being so christened as early as 1776.

World’s Largest Amphibious Transport Dock Technicalities

The New York warship is the 17th amphibious transport dock vessel built by the US navy at their NGSS (Northrop Grumman Ship Systems) shipbuilding yard located in the province of Avondale in Louisiana. Alongside the vessel’s constructional incorporation of steel from Ground Zero, its slogan and its heraldry (crest) are also entirely inspired by the heroic acts of the citizens of New York, following the 9/11 tragedy.

  • The vessel’s official title reflects it as a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ship thus summarising and clarifying its line of operational duty and purpose
  • The vessel measures almost 209 metres lengthwise with a beam of almost 32 metres
  • Its four turbocharger engines (diesel-operated) account for its high speed ranges extending over 22 knots
  • The USS New York can accommodate a crew complement of about 360 members with military personnel (marines) complement of about 700. The latter capacitance can, if required, be suitably increased to include an additional 200-odd military personnel
  • The christening of the vessel was carried out by the wife of the then deputy Defense Secretary of the United States in the year 2008
  • Although the constructional commissioning of the vessel was carried out as early as in 2002, the officiating ceremony to incorporate the vessel into the US naval war fleet was carried out in the year 2009

Post the successful launching of the vessel, the US naval officials revealed that two more such LPDs were under the process of being built and commissioned by the NGSS Corporation. Just like the USS New York battleship, these war vessels would also be christened keeping in mind the gruesome horror affecting the other agencies and aircrafts on that fateful day – USS Arlington and USS Somerset. The former indicates the provincial location of the Pentagon, while the latter reflects the Pennsylvanian aircraft crash site.

In the over 10-years following the 9/11 incident, the United States of America has taken several strides to overcome the loss of lives and resources. Alongside the tangible acts in following up with the perpetrators of the mindless 9/11 accident, the naval ship USS New York is a manifestation of the nation’s desire to surmount the seeming mental and emotional challenges following the harrowing accident while underscoring the need to actively emphasise national security, no matter how big a threat.

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