TIV MPI Resolution: Wind Turbine Ship with a Difference

Turbine installation vessel, the TIV MPI Resolution is an example of unparalleled and singular marine engineering.  Re-christened as MPI Resolution, where MPI refers to the company operating the vessel, the Resolution ship was formerly known as the Mayflower Resolution.

The offshore wind turbine vessel, put into active operational duty from 2004, is a ship with independent elevation capabilities. Built in the Shanhaiguan Shipyard in China, the wind turbine vessel has six strong supports that help the ship in its elevation process. These supports help the ship to balance itself in the high seas during the process of installation of wind turbines. The supports of the Resolution ship can be raised to above the water’s surface to a margin between 10 metres and 15.1 metres.

The ship was built as a transport and installation vessel (TIV) so as to solve the many complex problems that arise while wind turbines are installed in the high seas. The overall expenditure incurred by the shipping concern was around US $ 75 million and the ship was designed for operations in the North Sea areas. However, the turbine installation vessel can also be utilised in other oceanic areas to successfully install the required turbines.

TIV MPI Resolution

The ship to assist in the wind farm installation also aids in the execution of other processes such as maritime salvaging, installation of crude oil and gas platforms and other routine constructions.  The most noteworthy installation activity carried out by the ship is the installation of the wind farm of Thanet in Great Britain in the year 2010, which consisted of 100 wind turbines.

Ship Specifications

  • The TIV MPI Resolution measures 130 metres lengthwise, 38 metres breadth wise and eight metres depth wise
  • The ship has a deadweight tonnage (DWT) of over 10,000 tonnes with a gross tonnage of 4,857 tonnes
  • The wind turbine ship is capable of traversing at a speed of 11 knots and bears a Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification
  • The offshore wind turbine ship’s extent of reach of operations in the high seas is limitless which adds to the overall operational expectancies of the ship
  • The wind turbine vessel offers accommodation facilities to a crew of 34 people along with 36 installation servicemen
  • The vessel has a cargo space of 3,200 square feet with two main cranes and one auxiliary crane
  • The vessel is also equipped with dynamic positioning systems which help the ship to easily carry out its high sea installations.

TIV MPI Resolution

Just recently, the company MPI Offshore expanded its marine operations in the wind turbine vessels’ sector by launching MPI Discovery and MPI Adventure in the year 2010 and 2011 respectively. The company with its top quality fleet of wind turbine ships sets an example and by trying to raise the standards of its operations, merits due appreciation and acknowledgement.

References: www.mpi-offshore.com

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