The Very First Flotel in the World: Edda Fides

The Edda Fides Flotel is the first in a series of flotels proposed to be developed by the Norwegian shipping conglomerate – Ostensjo.  The term Flotel is an amalgamation of the words ‘floating hotel’, referring to vessels which can provide accommodation to seamen both in the offshore areas and also while berthed at a dock.

The flotel is marketed under the company’s subsidiary brand name Edda Accommodations and was launched in the year 2011 after its christening.

Measuring around 130 metres lengthwise and 127 metres breadth wise, the flotel was built at a cost of around US$ 141 million. The entire designing and construction of the vessel took almost around four years starting in the year 2008.

 Edda Fides Details and Specifications

  • The vessel was designed by Wartsila owned Vik-Sandvik shipping design company while the actual construction was carried out by the Spanish shipbuilder Astillero Barreras
  • Edda Fides is owned by the Naviera Arnela Group and is registered to the African nation of Malta
  • Around 600 people can be easily lodged within the single-hulled ship
  • Edda Fides is powered by six generators generating almost 3000 kilowatts (KW) of energy at a cycle of 900 revolutions per minute (RPM). The vessel’s propulsion is taken care of by six propellers generating about 2500 kilowatts of energy
  • These propellers act as a huge source of reduced fuel consumption. Statistically they only make use of 80% of fuel input as compared to the more orthodox propelling methodologies. This results in reduced consumption of 20%.

The vessel is equipped with high-powering technological gadgets like DPS-3 to aid the pathway built to connect to the areas of high seas’ operation, sewerage water treating infrastructure, a helicopter fuelling arena and various other entertainment infrastructure. It has been developed according to the stipulations of the premier maritime rating authority Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and is categorised as being a ‘Clean Design’ vessel.

The vessel has a tonnage of 7,500 tonnes with a deck area alone of over 15,000 square metres and a draft of seven metres. It also has a heli-deck which can be used to station an S-61 or an S-92 cadre copter.

It has so far emerged that the Edda Fides has gained a huge wave of popularity for its services. After due observations about these positive feedbacks, the company can be expected to soon come up with other such equally marvel flotels which could cater actively to the ever-widening web of maritime operations.

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