SeaBird – A Submersible without an Engine

SeaBird is a unique submersible launched by the US based company AquaVenture. The most important feature that sets apart this submersible from the rest of its peers is its lack of engine. As a submersible designed for personal usage, it balances both costs as well as comfortableness equally.

However, in spite of the absence of an engine, the vessel’s makers have challenged that the submersible will offer higher rates of speed as compared to the other submersibles. Statistically, the average speed provided by a submersible comes to about 16 kph or even less but the SeaBird is said to be capable of moving at a rate of 40 kph under water.

Credits: AquaVenture/ Facebook

The question that arises because of the conspicuous absence of engine is about the submersible’s propelling in the water. The answer to this is that the submersible will be towed by a ship moving on the surface of the water through towing lines measuring up to a maximum of 400 feet. According to AquaVenture, the ship moving on the surface of the water can be very well utilised to tow two SeaBirds simultaneously.

The first models of the unpatented submersible will be of twin-seating variety while the company does seem to have plans to develop with a mono-seating version. SeaBird is equipped with state-of-the-art technology like SONAR, GPS, sensory, screen display and light systems.

Seabird Specifications

  • The submersible measures 6.5 metres lengthwise with a weight of almost 3,000 kilograms
  • Priced at US$ 2, 10,000, the SeaBird is built of steel, Plexiglas, fibreglass and even protective Kevlar.

The whole design of the submersible has been carried out in such a way that even in case of an underwater accident, the damages to the submarine would be greatly minimised.

  • The submarine can be handled either with the help of a control-stick and pedalling rudders or with the help of a joy-stick that can be operated axially in three ways
  •  The submarine is operated through 24 volt battery-operated electronic system. The batteries utilised can be switched between themselves for a maximum of five minutes

Aqua Venture’s main purpose behind the conceptualising of such a submersible is to ensure that marine enthusiasts do not lose out on opportunity because of higher costs. With greater benefits at nominal rates, ingenious marine technology is sought to be made available to everyone.

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