Ramform Sovereign – The most advanced 3D seismic vessel in the world

Ramform Sovereign is a ship built to explore underwater seismic activities through a three dimensional system for finding out oil and gas reservoirs. Owned and operated by the conglomerate PGS, the vessel is the latest in the company’s already existing high-quality Ramform seismic ships’ cadre, carrying out its first operation in the year 2008.

Sovereign comes with a lot of upgradations with only with respect to its external dimensions but also with respect to the technologies incorporated.

At present, it is one of the most sophisticated seismic ships in operation. The seismic ship was built at the Aker shipbuilding yard at Norway with other construction aspects being carried out in the company’s shipbuilding yard at Romania. The entire cost of construction of the vessel amounted to about US$ 85 million with the seismic gadgetries not included in the above cost.

The seismic ship is operated by two propellers generating power up to six-point-five megawatts.

Along with six generators, the vessel also has a back-up generator for critical situations and is equipped with a power-plant generating 22.16 megawatts of power.

  • The ship measures 102 metres lengthwise, longer by 16 metres as compared to the other Ramform seismic ships. Breadth wise the ship measures 40 metres with a draft of 7.5 metres
  • Sovereign offers operational longevity nearly 25% more than the previous Ramform Class vessels
  • The seismic ship has a gross tonnage of over 13,000 tonnes and a net tonnage of over 6,000 tonnes and can operate a maximum speed of 16.5 knots
  • A maximum of 70 persons can be accommodated in the ship

The Sovereign has a helipad on its deck designed to counterbalance itself against its motions while on sea, a lounge to observe the aquatic surroundings and paravanes bigger in dimensions to aid its operations better.

Through Ramform Sovereign, PGS has endeavored to enhance its operational feasibilities and more than successfully done so.

Image Credits: farm5.static , eagleclarc , pgs

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