Massive Heavy Lift Ship: Kang Sheng Kou

Semi-submersible vessels form an intrinsic part of maritime operations in the present era. However to suit the contemporary requirements, even semi-submersibles too have undergone enormous technological transformations, just like every other technological innovation.

Kang Sheng Kou is one such technologically advanced and powered heavy lift ship built by the Chinese shipping giant COSCO.

Kang Sheng Kou

The lift ship, along with her sister vessel – Tai An Kou – is regarded to be amongst the heaviest semi-submersible vessels in operation today. Put into operation in the year 2003, the vessel has been providing excellent service to the offshore maritime industry.

Kang Sheng Kou
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While the vessel’s huge deadweight tonnage of 18,000 tons might appear to be extremely bulky, it is this hugeness in weight that adds to the vessel’s singularity. The vessel’s loading capacitance extends to cranes, vessels’ hulls, offshore rigs and other heavy materials required in constructional activities at high seas.

 Vessel Specifications

–          The vessel was built in the Chinese Guangzhou shipbuilding yard

–          The heavy lift vessel measures around 156 metres lengthwise with a breadth of around 32 metres with a depth of 10 metres and a draft of 7.50 metres

–          Both Ro-Ro (Roll On/Roll Off) and Fo-Fo (Float On/Float Off) can be employed while loading and unloading the vessel

–          Kang Sheng Kou has a deck space of over 4,000 square metres while a maximum weight of 18 tons for every square metres of area can be loaded on the deck

–          A crew of 38 people can be easily accommodated within the vessel

–          The ballast system of the semi-submersible ship has been quite effectively designed in order to ensure the vessel’s constancy while transporting heavy loads of equipment

–          The semi-submersible also has state-of-the-art thrusters to enable it to sustain its position while on water

The vessel is propelled by three generators providing over 4,000 kilowatts (KW) of energy per generator. Alternatively, the vessel is also supported by a secondary generator offering over 900 KW of energy. The semi-submersible ship is also equipped with a dynamic positioning system (DPS) of Class 2 as per DNV (Det Norske Veritas) stipulations.

The heavy lift ship, although a through-and-through Chinese innovation, has gained international reputation and acceptability. Considering the ship’s applicability, it is not difficult to assume that many more similar innovations will form a part of the maritime sector in the years to come.

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