Collins Class Submarines: Pride of Australian Navy

Every country in the world having a coastline has to have a distinctive and superior naval arsenal and vessels. The Collins Class of submarines is the pride of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and over the years has more than successfully fulfilled the purpose of its national duty.

There are six naval submarines under the Collins Class Submarine. HMAS Collins, HMAS Farncomb, HMAS Waller, HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Sheean and HMAS Rankin are named in the memory of six Australian navy men with laurels and unparalleled naval servicing to their credit. The names of the ships also denote the years in which they were commissioned by the Australian authorities.

HMAS Collins (1996) was the first navy submarine to be commissioned under the Collins submarine class while HMAS Rankin, commissioned in the year 2003, was the last submersible launched under this class. All vessels are stationed at the Western Australian naval base of HMAS Stirling, near Fremantle.

Vessel Features & Specifications

Designed by the famous Swedish shipwrights Krockums and built by the then- Australian Submarine Corporation, the submarines Australia are equipped with state-of-the-art gadgetries and quite advanced technological systems and are as lethal and honed to precision as is required by a submersible ideally.

The features of the naval submarines can be listed as follows:

  • The submarines function with the help of batteries. These batteries are charged with the help of three diesel operated generators that are equipped aboard the submersibles
  • The submersibles have hi-tech radar and sonar systems for target identification
  • The vessels are designed to be extremely resistant to shock and possess a hull frame that offers exceedingly great functionality
  • The Collins Class can carry over 20 torpedoes or in lieu, over 40 mines as a part of their artillery and is also equipped to carry harpoon missiles


The specifications of the Collins Submarines can be exposited as follows:

The submarines measure 78 metres lengthwise and 7.8 metres breadth wise

  • Having a displacement of around 3,500 tonnes, the submarines offer a surface speed of 10 knots and a submerged speed of about 20 knots
  • The vessels are operated by a crew of 42 people including six officers of the Royal Australian Navy
  • A Collins submarine, once put into operation can function for a maximum of 70 days before requiring replenishment

The Australian Navy, as a part of its venture to elevate the operational criterions of the Collins vessels, entered into a strategic alliance with the United States’ navy to incorporate and develop a few of the latter’s weaponry technologies for utilisation in the Collins vessels. This elevation program included four of the six Collins vessels – the latter four – to be completely and thoroughly revamped with respect to their artillery, the technological apparatuses and any other technical glitches.

With definite contrives to expand the current fleet of submarines being operated by the RAN, the current fleet of submarines of Australia will definitely get a further boost. In terms of long term security threats, this elaboration would seek to offer a positive portent to the Australian marine operators.

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Image Credits: mynavystar, mliberalguy, flickr

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