Austal’s Gen-Next Trimaran for Passengers and Cargo

Known as the ‘Next-Gen Trimaran’, Austal’s upcoming ferry promises to be yet designing marvel. The Australian shipbuilding giant is well-known across the world for its unique shipbuilding designs.

The Next-Gen Trimaran will accommodate both people and an assorted number of motor vehicles.

A Trimaran refers to a triple-hulled vessel. In case of the Next-Gen Trimaran, the vessel’s building technology comprises of a unique blend of perseverance of the marine ecosystem, ensuring higher rates of speed, maximisation of fuel utilisation and incomparable voyager comfortability.

  • The ferry offers an exceedingly high rate of speed at 39 knots and covers an ambit of over 600 miles nautically
  • Next-Gen Trimaran has a length of 102 metres, a beam of almost 27 metres, a depth of 7.6 metres and a draft of 4.2 metres with a weight of 700 tonnes
  • The vessel has an accommodation capacitance of over 1,100 people with a motor vehicular intake of either 145 or 245 vehicles – after appropriate adjustments
  • Next-Gen Trimaran is operated through three diesel powered engines each generating a power output of over 9,000 kilo watts

Categorised under the prestigious Germanischer Lloyd grading, the ferry is rated as being a Roll on-Roll off (Ro/Ro) boat. The vessel comes furbished with wheelchair feasibilities, a boutique ship where patrons can shop without any discomfort and restaurant facilities.

The triple-hulled vessel’s designing is such that the patrons aboard it would not be discomfited with any kind of sea-sickness. Also its singular designing enables the vessel to be manoeuvred without any problems even in the worst kind of weather. According to its creators, the Next-Gen Trimaran promises to be an up-graded version of their pride – the Benchijigua Express.

Austal has also designed the ferry in such a way that it can be re-fitted to suit international ferrying and cruising. With so many amenities offered, the Next-Gen Trimaran does full justice to the title bequeathed to it.

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  1. Next-gen? This ship is seven years old and Austal hasn’t built another trimaran ferry since then!

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