Marine Insight Launches New Free eBook – The Basics of Pipes and Bends on Ships

Maritime professionals working on board ships, belonging to both deck and engine room, have to deal with pipes and bends on a daily basis. Needless to say, the basic understanding of the construction and characteristics of them is absolutely necessary.

Almost every operation of the ship involves usage of some form of pipes and bends. Every ship has a massive network of such pipes and bends, which comprises of various forms and types.

However, it is noted that the understanding of the basics of pipes and bends is often neglected by maritime professionals.Several maritime training books and courses provide a variety of basics of pipes and bends information on the operations and working of the ship, but neglect the important basics and important points of the most prevalent mechanical entity present on board ships  – pipes and bends.

Marine Insight has received several queries regarding the subject and continue to do so. To provide a general overview of the pipes and bends used on ships and to provide a basic understanding of the same, Marine Insight has launched a new eBook – “The Basics of Pipes and Bends on Ships”.

The eBook is a compilation of articles and information written by the very experienced and talented Chief Engineer Mohit Sanguri.

Hope this eBook helps you to understand the pipes and bends used on ships in a better way.

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