Launching New eBooks – Marine Boiler Series: Construction, Operation And Maintenance

boiler-combo-small In this time of volatile fuel prices and surging operational costs, there is an urgent need in the shipping industry to cut energy consumption, enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance expenditure.

The ever-increasing number of environmental regulations is also the reason behind introduction of latest technologies on board ships and a perennial pressure among ship professionals while carrying out operations and maintenance.

Marine boiler is one such machinery on ships which is often neglected in routine maintenance and planned repairs until a major problem or emergency occurs. Blame it on the the working habits on board or negligence on the part of ship officers, but the fact remains that with the number of crew members on ships reducing drastically, maritime professionals already have a lot on their plate to manage, and prioritising jobs is the key to prevent insanity.

Considering the importance of efficient maintenance and operation of marine boilers on board, we are introducing a four part series of digital guides, which explain marine boilers right from the construction to troubleshooting. The “Marine Boiler Series” is divided into:

– A Guide to Boiler Construction and Design

– A Guide to Boiler Operation and Maintenance

– 101 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Marine Boilers

– 101 Points to Troubleshoot Marine Boilers

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We have made a lot of efforts in researching and compiling these four part series, which offers to-the-point information by eliminating unnecessary details and including only the important practical guidance that is required.

Some of the major topics covered in the guides are:

– Construction and working of commonly used boiler types

– Problems and maintenance of boiler mountings

– Boiler tubes problems and maintenance

– Types, inspection and maintenance of different boiler burners

– Starting and stopping of burner

– Tips for efficient boiler operation

– Boiler safety and fuel valve requirements

– Boiler emergency situations and actions to be taken

And much more..

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