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hull painting_2 Painting a ship’s hull is one of the most expensive and important activities when dry docking a ship. A series of aspects are required to be taken into consideration while efficiently planning and executing the paint operation.

So what exactly does it require to ensure an efficient hull paint system?

It is commonly observed that the shore/dock staff responsible for carrying out the paint operation in the dry dock doesn’t have the right knowledge and necessary skills to carry out the process efficiently.

Moreover, there is a huge knowledge gap among maritime professionals regarding the hull painting operation, which eventually serves as a benefit to the shore staff, who can easily get away with errors and inefficient jobs.

In the age of slow steaming, when fuel efficiency, environmental regulations and bunker costs have direct effects on ship operations, it is important that ship’s hull paint system is such that it offers long term efficiency once the ship is out of dry dock.

Considering the important of hull painting operations, Marine Insight has made a practical and handy ebook – A Guide to Hull Painting Of Ships, which gives a general overview of the various aspects that collectively result in an efficient hull paint system.

Written by Mr. S.N. Batra, a senior chief engineer and retired superintendent, the handy guide cuts through the noise of unwanted information and provides to-the-point data on all important procedures carried out in the dry dock related to hull painting.

If you are a shipowner, superintendent, or a seafarer, it is important that you are aware of the hull paint operation procedures and what does it takes to have an efficient hull paint system for your ship.

S. N. Batra

About the Author

Mr. S.N. Batra is a retired chief engineer and superintendent, who has worked with Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). As a technical superintendent he has been in-charge of all technical operations, surveys, repairs and dry-docking of ships. After serving for 45 years in the shipping industry, he has been a lecturer and visiting faculty for several maritime training institutes in India.

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Main points covered in the ebook are:

1. Introduction to hull painting

2. Costing

3. Hull Roughness

4. Types of Paints

5. Paint Application Procedure

6. Paint Thickness

7. Drying/Curing of Paints

8. Paint Inspection

9. How Not To Paint Ship’s Hull

10. Record Keeping / Important Paperwork

Click here to know more about the ebook.

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