ZIM Named The Best Performing Carrier In Asia-Mediterranean Trade In Q2

According to the last Sea Intel on-time reliability report, ZIM is the best performing carrier in the Asia-Mediterranean trade in the 2nd quarter of 2017, with a score of 97.2%.

ZIM was also the most reliable carrier on the Europe – Asia Eastbound leg in June with an on-time performance of 84.8%.ZIM’s new network, introduced in April 2017, includes the ZMP service, offering fast and efficient link between Asia and the East Med/Black sea ports with excellent connection to regional lines, and the India Med Express service (IMX).

Image Credits: zim.com

Rani Ben Yehuda, ZIM VP Cross Suez and Atlantic Trades, said: “Our new strategy as an independent carrier focused on customer service is proved beneficial for customers. We will continue to invest efforts in better schedule reliability and improved service levels.”

Since 1945, ZIM provides creative operational and logistical solutions to customers. Over the years ZIM has grown to become a leading force in the shipping industry, by pioneering innovative technologies and expanding its vast geographical network while maintaining its tradition of excellence.

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