Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Publishes The Industry Roadmap

The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission publish the Industry Roadmap. This publication brings us a step closer to achieving our goal and making zero-emission shipping the natural choice for ship owners.

International shipping accounts for 2-3 pct. of global CO2 emissions, and emissions are projected to grow if no action is taken. The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission under the auspices of Mission Innovation has published an Industry Roadmap identifying the innovation needs to ensure zero-emission fuels, ships, and fueling infrastructure by 2030 and making zero-emission shipping the natural choice for ship owners.

Zero Emission shipping
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The Roadmap is being presented and discussed at Mission Innovation Annual Gathering in New Delhi this week. It is an important step towards Zero-Emission Shipping as it identifies the industry innovation needs, the existing work, and what innovation gaps to prioritize to accelerate progress towards zero-emission pathways in international shipping.

The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission is led by Denmark, the United States, Norway, Global Maritime Forum, and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping and is supported by Singapore, the United Kingdom, India, Morocco, Ghana, France and South Korea.

Click here to see the Roadmap


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