YM Efficiency – Update: All 63 Lost Containers Have Been Recovered Off Hunter Coast

All 63 identified shipping containers lost overboard from the YM Efficiency in June 2018, have been recovered off the Hunter Coast. Offshore construction vessel, MV Pride, which carried out the five-week operation, has returned to Port of Newcastle to discharge the final six containers onshore.

It brings an end to subsea operations to recover thousands of tonnes of waste and pollution that has mired Newcastle-Port Stephens coastal communities for almost two years.

The final six containers will be processed by waste crews for salvage, recycling or landfill. We are thankful to the seafarers who have worked on this operation.

8-may-crushed-container_YM Efficiency
Image Credits: amsa.gov.au

Crew on MV Pride have recovered 36 steel beams and their broken container, plus a container holding foodstuff and beverages.

There are three remaining steel beams to be removed from the seabed, followed by a site survey. To date, 59 containers have been retrieved and there are four yet to be recovered.

8-may-crushed-container-YM Efficiency
Image Credits: amsa.gov.au

Conditions are expected to improve, aiding the efforts to bring offshore operations to a close. Two containers originally holding 39 steel beams will be processed as scrap metal onshore.

Reference: amsa.gov.au

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