Wuhu Shipyard Wins Series Of Orders For Asphalt/Product Oil Tankers

At the end of the year, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. overcomes the global impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and signed a series of orders for 21,100 cubic meters/21,500 tons of asphalt/product oil tankers through a “cloud contract” with a European shipowner Continental Bitumen. The company’s general manager Zhang Zhao, deputy general manager Du Chengchang and other management teams attended the signing ceremony.

Wuhu Shipyard Wins Series Of Orders For Asphalt Product Oil Tankers
Image Credits: wuhu.com.cn

Ship East Continental Bitumen is a company integrating asphalt procurement, logistics, and distribution. It trades 1.5 million tons of asphalt annually in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The contracted bitumen/product tanker will provide services to Continental Bitumen’s demand terminals and their sister companies in Asia, Australia, and North America.

Designed by FKAB, the ship is 168.7 meters long, 28.2 meters wide, 14.5 meters deep, and is classified into BV classification society. The dual-fuel power propulsion system is equipped with a powerful battery pack, which can realize an uninterrupted power supply and meet the latest global technical, operational, and environmental indicators.

Wuhu Shipyard Wins Series Of Orders For Asphalt-Product Oil Tankers -
Image Credits: wuhu.com.cn

This signing is another major breakthrough for Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. in the high-end tanker market. In recent years, we have adhered to a distinctive market strategy, deployed a high-end tanker market through marketing innovation, successfully undertook 28,000-ton stainless steel chemical tankers, 6,600-ton DC-powered intelligent stainless steel chemical tankers, and 22,000-ton dual-fuel propelled chemical tankers.

The successful acceptance of 21,100 cubic meters/21,500 tons of asphalt/product oil tankers this time will further consolidate its leading position in the tanker market. At the same time, the dual-fuel propulsion ship type is a green environmental protection ship, which has less pollution and cleaner emissions and is more in line with international environmental protection standards. Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. actively promotes green shipbuilding and has won the recognition of customers. International forefront.

It is reported that in the face of the new crown epidemic and the global shipping market downturn, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. actively implements the new development requirements of the “double-cycle” at home and abroad to achieve double harvests in both domestic and foreign markets. Currently, it holds orders to meet the benign rolling production of the shipyard.

Reference: wuhu.com.cn

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