World’s Largest B-Capacity Very Large Ethane Carrier Delivered

On May 16, Jiangnan Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, built a 99,000-cubic-meter B-type tank very large ethane carrier (VLEC) for SPDB Leasing and PACIFIC GAS, named “PACIFIC INEOS GRENADIER”.

The ship is the first ship delivered since Jiangnan Shipbuilding began to gradually resume work and production on April 23, and it is also the first ship delivered in Changxing Town since the Shanghai epidemic in March this year. The government and the Chongming District Party Committee and District Government have implemented the “two-handed, two-handed” requirements for epidemic prevention and resumption of work and production, and implemented the government and enterprises to strengthen joint command and coordinated operations, and coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control.

The successful delivery of the ship not only expands Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s strategic ship types, but also further consolidates Jiangnan Shipbuilding’s leading position and brand influence in the liquefied gas carrier market, and will further consolidate the confidence to defeat the epidemic in an all-round way.

World's Largest B-capacity Super-large Ethane Carrier Delivered
Image Credits: Jiangnan Shipbuilding

This type of ship is equipped with 4 “BrilliancE” B-type cargo tanks and 2 deck tanks with independent intellectual property rights of Jiangnan Shipbuilding, with a maximum capacity of 99,000 cubic meters. Maximum cargo volume under dimensional envelope constraints; equipped with dual fuel main engine and shaft generator that can run on ethane fuel, meeting the strictest emission requirements and having the best economy.

This type of ship belongs to the “Panda” series of Jiangnan, and is classified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and China Classification Society (CCS), and meets the latest International Bulk Liquefied Gas Code (IGC), International Maritime Organization (IMO) , the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and other relevant international regulations, it will serve the long-distance transportation of liquefied ethane after completion.

The ship adopts the second-generation VS-BOW bow line shape independently developed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding, which comprehensively optimizes the hydrodynamic shape and internal space of the hull, and meets the requirements of the fourth stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Index (EEDI) ahead of time.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the ship is the first civilian commercial ship in the world with the epidemic prevention symbol (IDM-A) issued by ABS. Its enhanced sanitary and epidemic prevention isolation system can effectively block and control infectious diseases including new coronary pneumonia. The risk of disease transmission and enhance the ship’s ability to respond to epidemics.

This type of ship has complex technology, difficult construction and tight cycle. The outbreak of the epidemic in March had a huge impact on production and deliveries. Thanks to the efforts of the construction team, the ship set off for sea trials on March 8. During the trial voyage, the team set up an epidemic prevention and disinfecting team, a communication team, an emergency rescue team, an equipment repair team, and a logistics support team to comprehensively ensure the safety of personnel and the normal operation of the ship’s system, and completed the trial voyage and returned to the factory on March 19.

World's Largest B-capacity Super-large Ethane Carrier Delivered
Image Credits: Jiangnan Shipbuilding

Under the premise of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, the delivery team carefully planned the delivery plan, rearranged the construction project plan before delivery, assessed the risk projects and formulated countermeasures; adopted real-time video connection guidance from equipment suppliers, The “cloud commissioning” scheme of independent commissioning has completed the commissioning and inspection work of more than ten important equipment systems of the ship. During the construction of the ship, various committees and offices in Shanghai, especially the Chongming District Government, customs, border inspection and other units gave strong cooperation and support, and their help provided a basic guarantee for the delivery of the ship on schedule under the epidemic.

Since the beginning of this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has achieved excellent results in receiving orders. From January to May 15, the amount of civil product orders received was 16.4 billion yuan, an increase of 76% over 2021. Among them, civil product orders were undertaken during the epidemic closure and control period. The amount reached 10 billion yuan. In particular, China currently has a market share of about 66.7% in the global VLEC field of hand-held orders, and these orders are all obtained by Jiangnan Shipbuilding.

Brief introduction of B-type tank in Ship Classroom

“BrilliancE”, in which capital letter “B” means B-type tank, capital letter “E” means ethane (Ethane, -89%°C) and ethylene (Ethylene, -104%°C) C) “BrilliancE” B-type cargo tank has the advantages of high safety and reliability, long structural fatigue life, low maintenance cost of the cargo tank, simple and efficient insulation system, high flexibility in loading goods, no liquid level loading restrictions, and less residual cargo in the cargo hold. In the field of B-type tanks, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has developed and completed 80,000 cubic meters of B-type tank LNG carriers and 6,000 to 18,500 cubic meters of LNG fuel tanks that can be configured on large dual-fuel container ships.


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