World’s First Ship Tunnel To Be Ready In Norway By 2025

World’s first ship tunnel is to be constructed in Norway as the country’s Transport and Communications Ministry has given green signal to it.

According to a statement issued by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Norway’s Transport and Communications Ministry has given them a go ahead signal for the stad ship tunnel in a letter issued by the ministry.

Based on the letter, the coastal administration can start the construction of the tunnel and the process of acquiring properties for it.

Ship Tunnel
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Tunnel Prerequisite for Ship Safety

The Stad Ship Tunnel project will ensure the safety and security of seafarers in Norway from the dangerous water of the Stad. This was under proposition for more than 100 years. A dangerous combination of ocean current and winds makes the Stad quite dangerous for shipping activities

“Very high waves come from different directions at the same time and create critical situations for vessels. Heavy seas can also linger for several days after the wind has calmed down, which in turn leads to difficult sailing conditions, even on quiet days”, explained the team behind the project.

Tunnel To Be Ready By 2025

The administration has already started with the tender preparation for property and other acquisitions.

According to Terje Andreassen, the temporary project manager for the Stad Ship Tunnel, the proposition for acquisition is on its way to the Parliament of Norway. The 2.7 billion NOK worth construction project will take 3-4 years to complete.

“If everything goes according to plan, the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel will be completed in 2025/2026,” said Terje Andreassen.

The tunnel will be 1.7 km in length and will facilitate the transport of cargo ships and coastal voyage fleets through Stad. It will help them in evading high waves and develop a safe shipping route.


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