World’s First Intelligent Unmanned System Scientific Research Ship Is Here!

The world’s first intelligent unmanned system scientific research ship “Zhuhai Cloud”, which was contracted by No. 701 of China Shipbuilding Corporation, built by Huangpu Wenchong, and equipped with key systems in No. 704.

The “Zhuhai Cloud” is affiliated with the Guangdong Laboratory of Southern Marine Science and Engineering (Zhuhai), and will become the world’s first scientific research ship with remote control and open water autonomous navigation functions. It provides an unprecedented weapon to help the development of the marine economy.

The unmanned system scientific research ship has high technology content, beautiful and smooth appearance, and is very difficult to design, build and support. Participating units under China Shipbuilding Corporation paid a lot of wisdom and effort for this.

World's First Intelligent Unmanned System Scientific Research Ship
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The design of the ship implements the three concepts of “future sense”, “unmanned system guarantee” and “green intelligence”. Seven types of large and medium-sized unmanned boats and dozens of small and medium-sized unmanned equipment fully meet unmanned and scientific research operations.

No. 701 is the general contractor for the design and construction of the ship, as well as the project management unit. This task is the first “crab” in the field of scientific research/intelligent ships in the 701 Institute – as the general contractor, the staff will be stationed in the factory working group for a long time to realize the full-cycle and real-time project engineering management of the project.


The hull above the living deck of the ship is made of aluminium alloy. These parts are complicated inline shapes and difficult to process. In order to ensure the streamlined construction quality and appearance of the ship, Huangpu Wenchong fully summarizes and gives full play to the construction experience and advantages of aluminium ships successfully solved the technical problems such as aluminium alloy welding and modelling, and perfectly realized the futuristic sense and high appearance of the unmanned system scientific research ship.


Several major core equipment is independently developed by the No. 704 Institute. In order to ensure the comfort of working and scientific research personnel on board, No. 704 Institute tailor-made the air-conditioning system, food refrigeration system and ship anti-rolling device for the ship, which will effectively improve the marine environment. working environment. In order to meet the discharge requirements at sea, the No. 704 Institute also provided the ship with a domestic sewage treatment system and an oily sewage treatment device.

During the difficult period of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, No. 701, Huangpu Wenchong and No. 704 cooperated sincerely to overcome difficulties and ensured that the ship was launched as planned with the drive to open roads in the mountains and build bridges when encountering water. Next, the ship will focus on the installation and commissioning of core equipment, intelligent systems and unmanned systems. It is planned to complete the sea navigation test and deliver it by the end of this year.


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