World’s First Carbon-Neutral LPG-Powered Vessel Launched

On Wednesday, July 28, the naming ceremony for the first large LPG tanker ‘CRYSTAL ASTERIA’ equipped with a dual-fuel engine that can use LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as fuel, was held in Japan. Astomos Energy Corporation will work with Kumiai Navigation, the owner of the ship, at the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Sakaide Plant.

The company has decided to add the state-of-the-art LPG fuel ship, CRYSTAL ASTERIA, to the fleet as an environmental measure to achieve low carbon decarbonization. This will be the first time in Japan to build and operate an LPG fuel vessel. When LPG is used as a fuel, it can reduce sulfur oxides (SOx) in the exhaust gas by about 90% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by about 20% compared to fuel oil.

Starting with the start of operation of the vessel scheduled for the end of August this year, we will continue to switch from heavy oil vessels with LPG fuel vessels as one of the candidates, and proceed with other environmentally friendly fleet development, and progress rapidly. We will flexibly respond to environmental regulations for vessels that are used.

crystal asteria - naming ceremony
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In addition, the company has recently purchased the world’s first carbon-neutral LPG on a VLGC scale, accelerating efforts to reduce environmental load, reduce and decarbonize, which are important global issues, and realize a sustainable society and stable supply.


  •  Overall Length: 229.9m, Width 37.2m, Depth (height from bottom to deck): 21.9m
  • Ship type: LPG carrier (liquefied petroleum gas carrier)
  • Tank volume: Approximately 84,229 m3
  • Gross register: Approximately 49,145 tons
  • Ship name: CRYSTAL ASTERIA
  • Construction: Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Sakaide Factory


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