World’s First Ammonia Ready Vessel ‘Kriti Future’ Delivered

The first ammonia-fuel ready vessel in the world, the ABS-classed Suezmax tanker the KRITI FUTURE, has been delivered to owners Avin International LTD, flying the Greek Flag.

The landmark 274-meter-long vessel was built by New Times Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (NTS). Currently conventionally fueled, the vessel complies with the ABS Ammonia Ready Level 1 requirements, indicating it is designed to be converted to run on ammonia in the future. The vessel also meets the ABS LNG Fuel Ready Level 1 requirements.

Kriti Future
Image Credits: New Times Shipbuilding

“This vessel represents a milestone in the development of the maritime industry and a step forward in the readiness to utilize alternative marine fuels. ABS’ alternative fuel ready suite of guidance and qualification programs is designed to give owners the flexibility they need and help prepare for a future in which alternative fuels such as ammonia take a bigger role,” said Filippos Nikolatsopoulos, ABS Manager, Greece Business Development.

Ammonia Fuel Ready Level 1 indicates the vessel conforms to the requirements outlined in the ABS Guide for Gas and Other Low-Flashpoint Fuel Ready Vessels. This is part of a suite of industry guidance on alternative fuels developed by ABS, including support for the development of ammonia as a marine fuel. In October 2020, ABS published its Sustainability Whitepaper: Ammonia as Marine Fuel evaluating the challenges in design and operation of ammonia-fueled vessels.

Reference: ABS

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