World’s Fastest AIS Vessel Tracking System Announced

exactEarth ShipView 2.0, the world’s fastest vessel tracking platform complete with our industry-leading real-time Satellite AIS data service has been announced.

The extremely popular vessel tracking platform from exactEarth has just received some very significant upgrades including a 3-year vessel track toolkit with playback functionality to gain unprecedented access into a ship’s entire voyage. Now displaying our revolutionary real-time data service, ShipView 2.0 captures thousands of open-ocean vessels with positions less than 1 minute old.

exact earth ship view
Image Credits: exactEarth’s

ShipView 2.0 is the perfect tool for locating your vessels and performing analysis into your operational efficiency. Configurable alerts, built-in filtering and downloadable data are just some of the fantastic features in exactEarth’s platform. Start making smarter decisions, faster with ShipView 2.0.

Press Release: exactEarth’s

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