World’s Deepest Shipwreck Ever: US Navy Destroyer Discovered Off The Philippines

A US warship had sunk during World War II and has been discovered off the Philippines and at about 7,000 meters under the sea level, making it the world’s deepest shipwreck, a US-based exploration team has informed.

The USS Samuel B Roberts had reportedly gone down during a battle off the central island of Samar on 25 October 1944. This was the same time when the US forces were fighting to ensure liberation for the Philippines. The latter was back then a US colony and under Japanese occupation.

A crewed submersible photographed, filmed, and surveyed the battered Sammy B’s battered hull in a series of dives spanning eight days, Texas-based undersea technology firm Caladan Oceanic informed.

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Images were showing the vessel’s three-tube torpedo launcher as well as its gun mount.
Per US Navy’s records, Sammy B’s crew was floating for almost three days and waiting to be rescued, with several survivors perishing from severe wounds and attacks of sharks. Of 224 crew members, 89 had died.

The battle was part of a larger one — the Battle of Leyte, which experienced intense fighting for several days between the forces of the US and Japan.

Sammy B was among the four US vessels that reportedly sunk in the 25 October engagement.
The USS Johnston at approximately 6,500 meters was earlier the deepest shipwreck in the world. It was discovered in 2021 by Vescovo’s team.

In the most recent search, the team also tried looking for the USS Gambier Bay at beyond 7,000 meters below sea level. However, they were not able to locate it.

It did not look for the USS Hoel as reliable data reflecting where it may be was lacking.
The Titanic wreck lies below almost 4,000 meters of water.

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