World Water Day: Panama Canal Joins The Commitment

In the Panama Canal we join the World Water Day, committed, but also identified, because the nations are currently analyzing the climatic reality, whose effects are already impacting globally, and Panama, and its Canal, is no exception.

During the history of the waterway we have faced a great number of challenges, and today we are facing an exceptional one: water is scarce and we must act quickly to avoid being surprised by a crisis and leaving us with no possibility of maneuver.

For this reason, a group of professionals works hard in order to find the, or the alternatives, that allow us to face our two main missions: guarantee water for more than 50% of the Panamanian population, and continue serving world trade as a reliable and environmentally responsible route, whose operations are synonymous with safety for our customers at all times of the year.

Panama Canal
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We make all these efforts in a hurry, but without omissions; in other words, that each project complies with all the social and environmental regulations of our country.

It is a date in which we must reflect on the responsibility we have with the proper use of water; This is the only way to guarantee its sustainability, especially in the face of the challenges of climate reality.

In the Panama Canal, we do our part. In addition to looking for new sources of water, we adapt our processes and implement measures to save them, with which we have optimized our consumption to such an extent that in 2019 we used a quantity of water similar to 2015, when the third game had not started operating of locks.

On this date in which Panama fights against the threat of COVID-19, having water as one of its main allies, we reiterate that everything and everything we do is aimed at seeking the common benefit, because above our operations, we recognize this resource As a public good, and as such, it must be equally available to all the inhabitants of the nation.


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