Wista International Inks MoU With IMO On Technical Cooperation

The IMO theme 2019 “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” was dedicated to women in shipping.

This provided the opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector, as well as lay the groundwork for open discussion on how a diverse workforce will provide for a sustainable future.

It has also made evident that more actions need to be taken to reach the goal of a truly diverse industry. Diversity, including gender diversity, is a responsibility for all and key to the sustainability of the maritime sector.

Wista International Signs MoU With IMO On Technical Cooperation
Image Credits: wistainternational.com

WISTA International, with consultative status with IMO, can formally contribute to the discussion for increasing capacity in the maritime industry, a critical component of which promoting women in the industry, both shoreside and shipboard, and also showcasing the varied technical skills and leadership that women bring to the industry.

WISTA International is an active participant at IMO’s Technical Cooperation Committee and is playing an increasing role at other technical committees on maritime environmental protection and maritime safety, where applicable.

Reference: wistainternational.com

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