What To Expect From AMSA Inspections? – AMSA Compliance Plan 2020-21

A new National Compliance Plan 2020-2021 gives industry a transparent overview of AMSA’s compliance focus areas over the coming year and what to expect in instances of non-compliance.

  • Focus area 1 — Port State and Flag State Control
  • Focus area 2 — Maritime Labour Convention
  • Focus area 3 — Domestic commercial vessels

AMSA is dedicated to supporting the regulated community. Our regulatory approach supports this by adopting a risk-based approach and tailoring our compliance focus and resources according to the willingness and ability of people to comply. The diagram below clearly outlines AMSA’s approach to different levels of compliance.

Manager, Enforcement and Inspector Support, David Marsh, knows the majority of operators actively want to comply with the law, and said AMSA will assist these people by making it easy for them to do so.

AMSA marine safety inspector
Image Credits: amsa.gov.au

‘We hope that providing this information, we help make it easier for people to ensure their operations are compliant with the law,’ he said.

‘However AMSA is aware that in some cases COVID-19 is having a direct impact on industry and making it difficult to comply with certain requirements.’

‘For this reason there are a number of exemptions that people can apply for so they can keep operating and remain compliant, and all national law exemptions that have already been issued have been extended until 30 June 2025,’ he said.

compliance-levels - AMSA Compliance Plan 2020-21
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Despite the impacts of COVID-19 maritime safety remains at the height of our focus.

‘AMSA may have reduced its presence in the field in order to protect the safety of staff and industry, but we will still be conducting inspections and surveillance activities as necessary, including following-up on incidents,’ David said.

‘We will continue to fully investigate the most serious of incidents, and those found deliberately violating the safety regulations—putting themselves and others in danger—will feel the full force of the law.’

Read the National Compliance Plan 2020-21

Reference: amsa.gov.au

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