Watch: Video Of A Daring Rescue Mission On Sinking Vessel Seacor Power

US Coast Guard recently released a nail-biting video showing a maddening race to save lives aboard the Seacor Power – the vessel that capsized off the coast of Louisiana in April, taking the lives of 13 people.

The video depicts a rescue worker being suspended from a helicopter. He is seen looking for survivors in turbulent, murky waters. Endless towering waves kept battering the boat, flooding its deck.

Three men were spotted desperately holding onto the side of the 175-foot-long boat in the rescue effort with one of the three men narrating the harrowing rescue.

Coast Guard, good Samaritans rescue 6 people from capsized vessel 8 miles south of Grand Isle, searching for more
Image Credits: USCG/Coast Guard Cutter Glenn Harris

The helicopter pilot, Jim Peters, said that when they had first reached the spot, he remembers them right there frantically waving.

Reportedly, the Seacor Power overturned about seven miles away from the Louisiana coast on 13 April in hurricane-force winds. At least six bodies had been found and seven more continued to be missing and have now been presumed to be dead.

As of 1 August, the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board had been convening in a series of public hearings daily. These hearings are expected to last through 13 August.


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