Watch: Ukraine Shows Destruction Of Another Russian Ship Near Snake Island

The military of Ukraine revealed on Saturday that it had successfully sunk another Russian warship in the Black Sea close to Snake Island after striking it with a drone. The Defense Ministry of Ukraine mentioned on Twitter that the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 was successful in destroying another Russian vessel, referring to the Turkish drone Ukraine deployed to strike ships as well as equipment from Russia.

A tweeted video apparently highlighted the moment the vessel had been struck. May 9 is celebrated as Victory Day in Russia. It commemorates the Nazi Germany’s formal surrender in 1945.

Officials of Ukraine mentioned that it was a Serna-class craft ship, used for transporting troops and permitting them to disembark on shores. It was not clear when the vessel was sunk.

russian vessel shot by ukrainian drone
Image Credits: @DefenceU – YouTube

The declaration was made several days after The NY Times reported how the US intelligence had helped Ukraine strike the Moskva, Russia’s flagship vessel.

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