Watch: Ukraine Claims To Have Sunk Two Russian Raptor Boats

On Monday, Ukraine declared that it sank two Naval vessels of Russia in the Black Sea through drone strikes, while explosions rang out in Russia’s border area of Belgorod once again, and heavy fighting was ongoing in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine has published a video of what is referred to as Bayraktar TB-2 armed drones attacking two patrol boats of Raptor class at about 4.51 a.m. close to Snake Island on Monday. Both these boats seemed to have been hit. However, it was not clear whether they actually had sunk.

The Ukrainian military reported in recent times that it had conducted many airstrikes on the island, about 22 miles off the coast of Ukraine toward the southwest of Odesa, destroying the air-defence system as well as other weapons that belong to Russia’s military unit, which occupies it. The two boats in the area, capable of being loaded with 20 Marines besides three crew members, were possibly carrying resupplies and reinforcements.


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