Watch: Tourists Fly Into Air After Boat Hits Giant Humpback Whale

Terrified tourists were seen to be catapulted into the air as their boat strikes a humpback whale off the Mexico coast. Five tourists have gotten hurt in an unusual collision with three in the hospital. One was reportedly injured seriously. On 22 April, the boat is known to have hit a whale off the coast of La Paz in Baja California.

The shocking video shows a boat getting hurled into the air as passengers are seen to be getting catapulted into the sea. Local reports have suggested that an examination is underway as tour boats maintain a safe distance from marine animals.

The Civil Protection authority of the Mexican state had shared footage of the collision, where tourists are seen crashing via the boat’s awning as they are suddenly thrown up high into the air after the collision.

boat thrown in air
Image Credits: Zenger – YouTube

Benjamin Garcia, who is a Civil Protection spokesperson, reported to the local media that the operators of the boat may not have realized that the whale was in the area. He added that the whale had come up from the sea and that’s when it ended up pushing the boat. Some passengers fell and some suffered injuries.

The months following December are most suitable for whale watching in waters around Baja. Naturally, it is world-famous for sightings of orca, sperm, humpbacks, blue, and even grey whales.

From December to early April, two to three thousand blue whales migrate to shallow lagoons to meet their mates and give birth.

Baja bay is a UNESCO-protected wildlife site. This indicates that whales are safeguarded from hunters and big boats. Small boats tend to get too close to the largest animals in the world – but authorities advise maintaining a safe distance from the whales.

Reference: | Video Credits: Zenger – YouTube

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