Watch: Royal Thai Navy Boards ‘Ghost Ship’ In The Middle Of Samui Sea

The Thai navy has reported the floating of an abandoned vessel strangely sailing in the Gulf of Siam. The vessel had no crew members. No reason why it went adrift could also be located.

Sailors had filmed the 80-meter Fin Shul Yuen 2, the interiors rusting and water seeping into the hull below the vessel’s deck. In scenes from the video, soldiers who were armed with automatic rifles were observed to be patrolling the vessel’s bridge, beside wall charts – could be maintenance logs – and what seems like a navigation instrument.

Fin Shul Yuen 2 had some Chinese markings on it, however, there has been zero news regarding its origins like its company or country with which it’s registered or what cargo it was loaded with. Ghost ships are typically tracked and towed by coast guards and navies as in most cases they pose a threat to oil rigs and shipping, particularly during the night.

watch thai navy on ghost ship
Image Credits: Royal Thai Navy

The Thai navy reported that plans to pump the water out of the ship and tow it safely were on hold owing to poor weather conditions. On Saturday evening, during a second trial to tow it, the ship sank.

The Bangkok Post observed that the vessel that was dangerously drifting close to oil rigs seemed to have been abandoned with intentions, especially as there is no sign of documentation or crew members on board.

Reference: Bangkok Post / Royal Thai Navy

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