Watch: Picture Of Sailor Sunbathing On Bulbous Bow Of Vessel

A bright summer’s day at the North Sea led the crew onboard the supply ship ‘Island Clipper’ to go all out for a sunbathing picture.

Photos and videos posted show Finnish crew member Jussi Nurminen relaxing in a foldable chair that was perched atop the bulb of the Norwegian vessel. This viral photograph, taken at the Oseberg field west of the sea off Bergen, was posted by the captain, Stig Silden on his Instagram, titled: sunbathing in the North Sea.

The bulb, however, a part of the ship’s hull that tends to float up and down, dipped into the water, resulting in Nurminem to dive right into the sea. This incident set off mixed reactions with users applauding it while a few others disapprove of it for being a reckless act on the ship.

The Island Clipper is currently on standby with 16 crew members working on board following an outbreak of cases at the oil platforms. An oil rig seems to be visible on the background of the image and videos taken.

The ship is well-equipped with measures in the case of any outbreak. The captain has also spoken of how the pandemic has led to changes all over, even on a ship that is far out at sea.

Their tenure of the 16 members include another 3 weeks before crew change and a subsequent vacation occurs, when they return to land. It makes up for a total of 6 weeks.


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However, the lack of a safety call by the crew and its captain has drawn considerable flak online.

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  1. It is becoming clear to most seafarers that stepping onto a bulb of a vessel is an unsafe pratice. Photos on bulbs have their days numbered, surely for the best.
    What really surprises me, though, is how that dude manages not to feel cold in the North Sea with only his shorts on.

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