Watch: Kolkata Port Hosts Largest Cargo Ship In Its 151-Year History

A milestone was achieved on Tuesday as Cape Vessel Panama Flag, M.V. LAKE D, reached Sagar anchorage, located about 80 miles from the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port or SMP in Kolkata and about 25 miles from the Haldia Dock Complex or HDC.

MV Lake D
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M.V. LAKE D is among the largest vessels. Carrying 66,000 metric tonnes of Steam Coal, the ship was cargo-bound for Nepal. M.V. LAKE D was manufactured in 2011. It is handled by a 20-member Filipino crew.

For the first time, the vessel was anchored at Sagar, making SMP Kolkata privileged to handle such a magnificent carrier. The vessel had started sailing from Abbot Point in Australia on May 10 and recharged fuel at Singapore. After it discharged approximately 95,810 MT of cargo at the Vishakhapatnam port, it once again started sailing for the Sagar anchorage.

MV Lake D - At kolkata port
Image Credits: Ripley & Co Stevedoring & Handling Pvt Ltd – Facebook

The cargo, bound for Nepal in rakes, is expected to reduce the transit cost and time. It will also go directly to a floating jetty.


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