Watch: India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Embarks On Another Phase Of Sea Trials

India’s first-ever indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, also known as ‘Indigenous Aircraft Carrier 1’ kick-started another round of sea trials on Sunday. This time, the intention is to conduct some complex manoeuvres in the high seas before its induction during August.

The 40,000-tonne IAC Vikrant is so far the most complex and largest warship built in India. It successfully got done with its maiden voyage that lasted for five days in August and underwent a 10-day long sea trial during October.

President Ram Nath Kovind and VP M Venkaiah Naidu have recently paid a visit to see IAC Vikrant. Both dignitaries have conveyed satisfaction and also showered best wishes to stakeholders involved in this IAC project.

INS IAC Vikrant
Image Credits: @SpokespersonMoD

The warship was constructed at a cost of approximately Rs 23,000 crore. With it, India has become part of a select group of nations that have the power to build aircraft carriers indigenously.

The maiden voyage was aimed at establishing propulsion, navigational suite besides operations. But the second sea trial saw the carrier being put through paces in terms of flight and machinery trials.

The IAC is 262 meters in length and has a height of almost 59 meters. Its width is 62 meters. The warship construction had started in 2009 by Cochin Shipyard Limited. It boasts more than 2,300 compartments capable of carrying 1700 people. It also has specialized cabins for accommodating women officers.

INS IAC Vikrant
Image Credits: @SpokespersonMoD

The country’s Navy has significantly focused on bolstering capabilities in light of China’s evolving efforts to expand military presence in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is considered to be the backyard of our Navy and is crucial to India’s interests.

Despite rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, associated teams from different organizations are working toward meeting the set timeliness.


Watch: Indian Navy’s Indigenous Aircraft Carrier ‘Vikrant’ Proceeds For Maiden Sea Trial

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