Watch: Fire On Board Cruise Ship While Docked In Turks And Caicos

Several videos went viral on social media platforms on Thursday. These showed thick black smoke and flames from the smokestack of a Carnival Cruise ship in the Turks and Caicos. The cruise line has confirmed that a portion of Carnival Freedom had reportedly caught fire after it was docked at the Grand Turk.

Carnival Cruise Ship Catches Fire While Docked In Grand Turk 3
Image Credits: @AllSeafarers – Twitter

A firm’s spokesman informed that the emergency response body of the Carnival Freedom quickly extinguished a fire inside the vessel’s funnel as the ship was in the Grand Turk. The guests and crew members are safe.

No injuries have been reported and the vessel was not evacuated in the emergency. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Carnival Freedom had started sailing from Port Canaveral in Florida on 23 May on a five-day cruise. It was scheduled to be back on Saturday.

Carnival Cruise Ship Catches Fire While Docked In Grand Turk
Image Credits: @AllSeafarers – Twitter

Carnival Freedom had been introduced in 2007. It is about 952 feet in length, has almost 13 decks, and can carry 2,980 guests and 1,150 crew members. At the time of the fire, the vessel had about 2,500 passengers along with 1,100 crew members, according to the cruise line.

A guest named Jenny Fleming informed Florida Today that her mother and she were drinking coffee on a balcony as Carnival Freedom was docking around 7:30 am at Grand Turk. That is when some individuals on an adjacent vessel named Carnival Mardi Gras, alerted them to the fire.

Her mother ran inside to call 911, and they were seemingly the first ones to report it. Firefighters got the blaze in control, and the guests got the all-clear at 8:40 a.m.

The fire was reported when another Carnival Cruise ship named the Carnival Magic had docked in Norfolk, Virginia after guests had started complaining of nausea and were vomiting due to a strange chemical smell.


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