Watch: Explosions Rock The Caspian Sea, Shooting Fireball Into The Sky

A massive explosion has shaken the Caspian Sea, sending a fireball shooting into the sky. The incident occurred near an oil and gas field off the Azerbaijan coast in the Caspian Sea. The state oil company has said that none of its platforms had been damaged.

The cause of the unforeseen blast was not determined immediately, but Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR has said that information indicated that the cause was a mud volcano.

The Caspian Sea is known for having several such volcanoes, which spew both flammable gas and mud.

Ibrahim Ahmadov, SOCAR spokesman, as quoted by an Azerbaijani news agency, APA, mentioned that the blast took place approximately 10 kilometres from the Umid gas field, which is 75 kilometres off the coast of Baku, the capital.


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